I want to make your home more fabulous. I like to work around the existing space you’re in and find you furniture and pieces you’ll want to keep well into the future. I really do believe any place can be made more beautiful with a little bit of love and expertise. Expensive renovations are not always necessary in creating a gorgeous home. Investing in interior decoration is a simple, quick and flexible way to enhance your home, and I believe, enhance your life.

There is no substitute to how an interiors overhaul will enrich your everyday life. Do get in touch for more details and a quote.

My services include:

  • Interior decoration for renters and homeowners

  • Room by room decorating

  • Scheming and moodboards

  • Furniture sourcing

  • Antiques sourcing

  • Textiles sorting

  • Art consulting​​​​

  • Colour palette consulting

I would describe my style as being part uptown glamour, part English countryside, part old Hollywood and a lot of New Orleans boudoir. Of course this can be adapted, toned down or ramped up, depending on your project’s needs and your personal taste. I am an experienced interior decorator and have also worked in textile design and product design. My skill set and contacts will be applied during every step of the way. Above all I aim to make the process collaborative and fun for my clients.

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As an interior decorator, I create interiors that you actually want to live in. 


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Past Projects

Taylor Square Apartment, Sydney

This building had such an interesting history and certainly had many (rather sordid) lives. I wanted to honour that in decorating this small apartment. At the time of planning the interior I had just been to New Orleans, a trip which inspired my aesthetic enormously. 


Shop Windows, Sydney

Over the course of a year I worked with the Australian label Moss & Spy to create a fresh window display every time a new part of their collection dropped. I would often make the setups by hand, using elements of textiles and accessories that they had used in the actual collections.