Meet Charlotte

Charlotte Dallison is a freelance writer and vintage shop owner, based in Melbourne, Australia. In a past life she was also an interior designer. She is currently working on her first book all about the weird and wonderful journey she's had sourcing vintage clothing. She also plans to launch her debut podcast, Blonde not Beige, soon. 

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Hi darling, I’m Charlotte. Here’s a bit about me…


I’m originally from New Zealand but currently live in Melbourne. I’ve also lived in Sicily, Sydney & London. I have a few design diplomas under my belt such as a diploma of film studies from The New Zealand School of Film and Television, 2012, a diploma of graphic design from Shillington College Sydney, 2013, a diploma of interior design and decoration from CATC Design School Sydney, 2017, and my letters in speech and drama from Trinity College London, 2018.

Vintage clothes and writing are, however, my two true passions, well, on top of travelling and interiors that is. I’ve been collecting vintage clothing since age 14 and have always been enamoured with the individual, empowering and gorgeous outfits one can create when wearing vintage. Since moving to Melbourne I realised that despite the appetite for vintage clothing here, there wasn’t really my ideal vintage shop around. I wanted a vintage store that was highly-curated, glamorous & feminine, and which offered proper vintage clothes, not just resale, all from a brand that was fresh and ready to cater to stylish millennial women. And thus Chez Charlotte was born.


Beyond my vintage business I write relatively regularly on my blog and am now working on my first book, all about my tales of sourcing vintage clothing, and the colourful characters whom I’ve met along the way. I also plan to soon launch my debut podcast, Blonde not Beige, where I’ll be discussing vintage, design, design history and loads of other fabulous stuff which I’m yet to think of.


I am currently available for other projects in Melbourne and beyond.

I’ve spent my twenties working in sales, PR, features and interior design, for various fashion brands, auction houses, artists’ studios, lifestyle publications and design firms. Notable brands I’ve worked for include Agent Provocateur, Tara Starlet, Shapiro Auctioneers, Kerrie Brown Designs, Studio ALM and Bragg & Co. In between said jobs I spent all my spare time (and dosh) travelling the globe and learning about the world. In February 2020 I left my full time role running a boutique furniture company in order to set up my own vintage clothing business and to write freelance & on my blog. I know, great timing!

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