Meet Charlotte

Charlotte Dallison is a writer, vintage shop owner and watercolour hobbyist. In a past life she was also an interior designer. Read below to find out more about her, or visit her shop, Chez Charlotte.

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Charlotte grew up in Christchurch, New Zealand, and has since lived, worked and studied in Australia, England and Sicily. She holds diplomas in Film Studies from The New Zealand School of Film and Television (2012), Graphic Design from Shillington College Sydney (2013), Interior Design and Decoration from CATC Design School Sydney (2017), and Speech and Drama from Trinity College London (2018).

In May of 2020 Charlotte launched her personal website and officially began her freelance career as a writer. In November 2020 she launched her online vintage shop, Chez Charlotte.


She derives inspiration from frequent trips abroad, books and films of bygone eras, and the works of her favourite designers and creatives from the past. In her work she incorporates her love of vintage, femininity, fashion, design and glamour to create an aesthetic-driven world for herself and her clients. 

Charlotte is currently based in Melbourne and is available for projects throughout Australia, and beyond.

Between working for fashion brands, auction houses, artists’ studios, lifestyle publications and design firms, her eclectic past has resulted in a busy career in the fashion and interior design industries. Previous roles have included design assistant, visual merchandiser, public relations assistant, content creator and sales & production manager. Charlotte has worked for notable brands such as Agent Provocateur, Shapiro Auctioneers, Kerrie Brown Designs, Studio ALM and Bragg & Co. 

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